The BRICKS Hotel

A conversion of an existing 5 story office building to a 200-room hotel with various amenities, banquet halls, restaurants, bars, and social spaces.


Artful, sophisticated design; tranquil but deeply social communal spaces; lush greenery, both inside and out... In a hospitality industry scrambling to respond to the changing values of its increasingly fragmented consumer base, the Bricks Hotel aims to position itself as a thoughtful alternative. The hotel is a brand built on the notion that an evolving breed of traveler is hungry for a new type of accommodations: a hospitality experience that prioritizes social living over impersonality, environmental sustainability over cheap convenience, holistic wellbeing over get-in-get-out transactionality. And, above all, great design and great service at a great price point, appealing to the business traveler, the vacationing family, and the jet-setting singleton alike.

1543 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90015

Year: 2018 (construction permit approved & on hold)

Area: 48,800 sq.ft.